Lure Rigging Service

Here is a short overview. I will start off with the angles of the hooks in relation to one another:

The hook positions I prefer:

The single-hook positions I prefer:

When fishing with catch and release in mind only the single-hook positions illustrated above should be used (really with no ifs and buts)! When rigging these lures my focus is primarily on the safety of the crew; anyone who has ever had to remove two razor-sharp hooks from the jaws of a marlin that is still lively will understand what I mean immediately!

My Loop Connections:


My Loop Variations:

A: PVC+ steel ring (additional charge of € 2) / B: PVC shrink tube / C: Metal thimbles (additional charge of € 1)

The rear hooks either fixed or free to move:

My monofilament leader material:

Diameter (mm): Colour:  
2,5 clear -
2,3 clear blue
2,0 clear blue
1,8 clear blue
1,5 clear pink

My rigging recommendations for the SMOKER and GRANDER models: Approximately five metres of 2.3 mm dia. monofilament leader (clear or blue), both ends knotted, the mounting loop with a metal thimble insert, refer to illustration C.

I offer the following hooks as standard:

  • The Duratin Steel Variety with MUSTAD 7698BD or MUSTAD 7754D hooks in sizes 9/0 to 12/0. These are forged hooks made of high-grade ferrite steel. Their bending strength and breaking resistance are enormous which is why they are up to the job of handling the greatest of drilling and leader strains without failing. Unfortunately they have a tendency to rust around their ground surfaces so they do need a lot of loving care and attention. It is an easy and quick job to re-sharpen these hooks! Rigging a GRANDER or SMOKER with them costs: € 28
  • The Stainless Steel Variety, amongst others with MUSTAD 7732S or 7691S hooks in 9/0 to 12/0 sizes. These hooks will only rust under the most unfavourable conditions, and even then only in the corners and along the edges. Unfortunately this type of hook can open slightly under extreme pressure and have a tendency to snap in the barb notch. These hooks are easily and quickly re-sharpened! Rigging a GRANDER or SMOKER with them costs: € 34

On request I can also obtain other hook brands – but please allow for a procurement time of up to three weeks and check with me beforehand concerning any additional costs involved!
Here are two of my standard hook rigs illustrated in a slightly reduced size:

What else is important?:

  • All my rigs comply with the regulations of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA)!
  • Since I am always quite well informed regarding the when, where and how of billfish angling I would be pleased to advise you free of charge and with no commitment on which lures and rigs to select.
  • It goes without saying that I can run up rigs according to your own specification.

If you have any other questions and/or would like a personal offer please do not hesitate to contact me by phone on 0049 89 64208607 or send an e-mail to:

Tights lines!

IGFA Captain + Representative, München