Shorttrip Tobago 2005

Where to spend the holiday over Christmas and the turn of the year? This time we decided for tobago. With a last minute ticket, Martina and I secured us 2 Tickets inclusive hotel. Also in the luggage a spin rod and the fly Fischer equipment.

I heard of good fishing on Tarpon and Bonefisch and wanted to catch one of these fish. After the consultation with a fly Fischer professional Tobago is a true paradise. There to catch tarpons should be no problem. You only have to place yourself in the water, wag a little bit and then they comes - so I heard …

Well, everybody knows, during the fishing it always comes different as you think or plan.

Arrived on Tobago a violent rain and storm said us “welcome”. Afterwards I became acquainted with a Swiss, who had a small boat for freediving-fishing. It shot considerable fish up to 100 Pound with the harpoon. Fast we decided at the next opportunity to exit together.

Because the boat was very small and the waves very large, we could not drive to the mentioned "FADS". They are unfortunately on Tobago very far outside. You have to accept running times up to two hours there. We tried our luck on the coast along and caught Barracudas, Tuna, Mackerel, Jacks and the one or other small shark.

After the weather did not become better - still violent wind, Martina and I rented us a bicycle and tried armed with map and fly rod, to find a flat for fishing. We also found fantastic places/flats. Martina could take a very long sun bath, and I searched in the flats up to sun goes down. Once I had to swim, because I haven´t realized that the Tide came …

We changed frequently the places - unfortunately with moderate success.

In the evening I tried with Caribbean sounds and Caribbean gambling to forget the angling-grind.

The next day I tried the so mentioned "Pigeon POINT" and could land mine first with the fly rod caughtTarpon. In this afternoon I had hooked altogether 5 Tarpone between 10 and 30 Pound with the Streamer. Only one I could land however - thats Tarponfishing.

On the last day I could charter Captain Frothy with its boat for offshore fishing. On this day I had invited mine Swiss fishing friend to fish with me. He didn´t ever fish on so a boat and also couldn´t catch a marlin.

After 2 hours we reached finally blue water. After we had laid out our rods, it lasted not for a long time up to the first bite. It should be a doublestrike. 1 Sailfish and a Caribbean Marlin of the 300 lb class screwed themselves at the same time out of the water. I left the marlin for my Swiss friend. The Sail was fast at 30 lb the equipment in the boat. A short photo and back again in the water. Unfortunately the Marlin said good-bye after approximately 20-minute fight - bad luck.

Afterwards we still had 2 Marlincontacts - unfortunately without hookup, but we could still catch some beautiful Dorados and Wahoos.

Due to the long way home, we haven´t so many time for fishing and so we had to drive back to the Marina. Despite the very short fishing time we could catch some very nice fish. It was a completely perfect conclusion.

Tobago is surely a beautiful place for fly Fischer. With tidy planning and reasonable Guides you also can have a very good fishing. I unfortunately made the experience with unreliable and guides. Therefore I can recommend Captain Frothy with its boat from my view. There everything was very professional.