Thailand October 2006

»An attendance in the refound paradise«

What is the result, when a wife and her angling-crazy husband has to plan a holiday? In the late summer 2006 Martina and I regained us in this unreal situation - the work and the stress had me fully in the grasp, my last hoping glow at the horizon: 2 weeks common vacation in October! Martina managed all and asked, somewhat distrustfully: "real everything, also the boat...?". My angler luck lay now without if and however in the hands of a No-angler! Something irritated by many negative gossips about Thailand as a fishing-goal, but as always optimistically we fly to Phuket with Thai Airways. The first impression is fantastic and immediately we notice the friendly and very polite kind of the Thais! In the evening then the first meeting with the boat crew.

The Skipper of the “Gecko” is a Swede, who works from over 20 years here in Phuket. Skipper Jonas suggests to split the planned exits to different routes. The longest route will lead us 3 days to the 50 nautical miles removed Similan Ilands. The guys are open for each fishing method: SW Fly, Popping, Trolling and night fishing - all no problem! For first I am inspired. Next day, at 6.00 o'clock we visit our first goal, the close lying Racha Iland.

Here in the sea-area around Racha Iceland we catch Sailfisch, Wahoos, Dorados, Barracudas and small Tunas.

Now still the 3 day trips to the Similan Ilands; there and on the way to the ilands, the chance for Black Marlin should be high. Already on the way we have a Marlin Strike and in range of of the Similans we catch a Black with approx. 120 lb. Of course we release the fish after the photo.

For the guys, the High Light – they can count their Marlins per season (still)! At the second night we put a dead Skipjack out and to feed also something. During the sunrise I am up-frightened in the sleeping-room by whistling the role running off; I actually jump out of the bed and, a larger fish took the bait. I take Stand Up rod and fight hard - my first assumption seems to be confirmed, everything points on a large Giant Trevally.

The hard fight lasts then still more than a 1/2 hour - like that they are the GT's! This fish is the High Light NR. 2 for the guys. And here is the booty from one day of the west of Similan Ilands.

On 2 days I chartered the small boat REEL THING; actually we wanted to try GT-popping. Well, instead of GT's we caught Dorados and small Tuna however everything with the fly rod. With the Popper I hadn´t any bite.


I had always tight lines

On the “GECKO” and the “Real think” I caught THINK approx. 1200 lb fish

01 Black Marlin - approx. 120 lb
02 Sailfish - approx. 110 lb
28 Wahoos - approx. 460 lb
21 Dorados - approx. 220 lb
03 Barracudas - approx. 30 lb
06 Jellowfintunas - approx. 40 lb
20 Skipjacktunas – approx. 110 lb
01 Longtailtuna – approx. 6 lb
01 Eastern little Thuna – approx. 6 lb
04 Rainbowrunner – approx. 25 lb 01 GT – approx. 58 lb
01 Longtom - approx. 6 lb
02 Suckerfish – approx. 6 lb

Both crews have the necessary Know How for: SW SW-Fly Fishing, Popping, Trolling with Lures or bait-fish, Downrigger, and they control their equipment, and they can feed! A large disadvantage are the long ways to the fishing-grounds. The strong Monsoonwinds and precipitation can make a successful fishing impossible.

Here still some High Lights with the fly rod caught fish.

Angling Area:

We fished the first days around the Racha Iceland. A 2-day-Tour after Ko Rok Nok and a 3-day-Tour on the Similan Ilands. On the Similans you should make also a divinging and/or a snorkel exit.

Country and People:

Very friendly and helpful people - you feel from the outset well and saved! Service on board and in the hotel first class. Thailand is to be combined family with fishing the ideal destination! Also a variant: Very favorable accomodation plus favorable and good meal are possible.

Here still the contact contacts to the GECKO and to the hotel:

Well, that´s the result when the wife books the fishing-holiday ;-)

Stephan Kreupl, January 2007