Pez Vela

»Costa Ricas Sailfish«

The wind left and exits are possible again. We have four days still before us and hopefully Poseidon remains positiv. Weather, current, water temperature and even the moonphase are correct. We begin at 06:00 o clock. Our boat corresponds to the US standard and the crew is one of the best here in flamingo.

Four dozen of completely assembled Baloas lie in our ice box.

Our 20 and 30 lb equipment is ready for the rumble. Still something patience and our catch area is reached. Drop bake is announced. I.e. attentively the seals to observe and with the smallest attack react. Like always, our crewman can see the sail first. We take up our rods and expect the Strikes. Suddenly, a shade is directly behind a seal, the sail fish is however only curious and plays with our bait. The third round, the attention diminishes. The rods are again in the holding, an impact, the lines fly out from the Outrigger. At the direct dragged rods the rubbers tear. Four strikes.. there arises joy. We run to the rods, let the fish five seconds for running, contact and first attempt. Albrecht and I set the hook at the same time, short run, two sail jump out of the water. Christa pulls, now there are three. One rod still runs, our Crewman has to intervene, now for sail jumps wildly in disorder. Moments, which nobody ever forgets! One says good-bye, the others we can catch and release again, in Costa Rica an honour thing. We catch 15 sail, some good Dorados and some smaller Yellowfin Tuna on two days. For the last two days we plan something special. We want to try our luck with the Spinning- and flyrod.

120+ lb Sailfish

And so it works

The crew runs Teaser over the outrigger. If a sail fish attacks, the Teaser will fast drawn in. Usually the fish follows the teaser and becomes ever more aggressive, since it cannot hold the teaser. If it is in throwing range, the angler has to wait for the moment, if the Teaser is lifted out of the water. Now the short but accurate throw must come! Usually the fish is so hot that it immediately takes the bait and rushes away.

Five sail fish, two of it with the fly rod were the highlight of our vacation. Costa Rica was again a full success and our expectation and catch results of the earlier years exceeded. A flying and a spin fishing rod broke, two reels gave up their spirit and had to maintenance. Our crew was of fantastic, this guys take part with their whole heart and they are even passionate anglers. You can´t surprise here anybody with a fly rod; you only can learn more. Take yourselves in addition, sufficient time for country and people. Beautiful beaches and landscape offer also something for Not-angler.

With this Costa Rica Sail the world record was only scarcely missed.


With the spinning- and flyrod for Dorado

For two days a strong wind from southwest blows. Not normally at Costa Ricas Pacific coast in July. The first week was excellent, we caught 24 Sails between 80 and 150 lb. Howling does not help anything, we have to try something. Our crew gives us an address. We want to try it with a small boat in the wind-protected gulf of Nykoya. Luis is the proud owner of this boat. It is an 8m long and with Outboarder and a Outrigger equipped boat. Luis requires for 8 hours $ 150 and the catch. He describes the gulf of Nikoya as the best fishing place in the world: „Pez Vela, Marlin Negro, Azul...“. We believe it and consent. „Manana por la manana a la seis”!

On the next morning at 9.00 o'clock there is finally everything clear and we exit. Everything is well prepared - Baloas, Mullet of everything completely installs! We are trolling with three rods and an speed of 3 to 4 knots. After one hour: "Mahi Mahi izquierda". We change our course toward a tree-crown, floating in the water. We drag our baits in the distance of five meters past. Suddenly an impact, our baits get attacked of three "gold arrows". Two of them we can catch, the largest we leave in the water, Luis has to hold the fish on the boat. Albrecht seizes the Spinn I means fly rod. My Streamer is not yet dropped, there it gets already attacked from a Dorado. Now we have a lot of bites. Apparently a large swarm stands under the crown of tree. With a spin rod its quite easier, but a fly fisher can´t pass such an opportunity! I throw with my fly rod approx.. 15 to 25 m laterally at the crown of tree past and consult the Streamer jerkily and relatively fast with the left hand. Usually it does not take ten seconds and a Dorado attacks.

A Dorado at the fly rod, who experienced, will understand me. After three hours the arms hurt. Albrecht fights the fish meanwhile with broken rod point and my last Streamer is damaged and the Leader roughened up. Also we do not want to exterminate the whole swarm. We drive on and count our booty. 27 fish with a total weight of approx.. 150 kg. The largest weighs 16 kg, with the fly rod (12lb tippet) 12 kg. Luis eyes begin to shine. We regard, how he estimates the profit. Mahi Mahi is in Costa Rica a delicious food-fish. In the evening he organizes a fish meal with friends. Naturally we are the honour guests - was likewise worthwhile oneself!

Once more to the theme “Offshore Fly-Fishing”

Who means, SW-Flyfishing is the "coronation/culmination of the sea fishing", errors enormously. It is not wise to try your luck with the fly for Tuna or Marlin if you don´t know the the technics. The boat has to drive after the fish. It doesn´t make any sense to turn over 500m line with the fly-reel.

A dream for every fly-angler – The biggest Dorados we caught at Rodriguez.