The Big Game Fishing Spot in the EU

The Azores in September 2013

After last year’s fishing trip, a week on the main island of the Azores, “Sao Miguel”, was literally a complete washout and had to be cancelled due to hurricane Nadine I wanted to give it another try. This year I chartered the “Boca Ratón”, a 31 ft. Blackwatch with skipper Zak Conde and mate Andrew Kennedy based on the island of Faial for ten days. Faial is the fifth largest island in the Azores, a Portuguese group of islands best known for its many blue hydrangeas and also called Ilha Azul (the Blue Isle).

On five outings the crew was complemented by my Danish friends Michael Andersen and his brother Morten. Michael is a passionate sailor (who had never caught a fish) while Morten spends every free minute of the day fishing for salmon in the Baltic (but who had, however, never caught a marlin). Both of them had their sea legs which was a good thing and an important pre-requisite for the trip.

By the end of the charter our expectations had been more than fulfilled. Morten experienced how heavy 700 lbs. feel like on full drag and how a 150 pound yellowfin can almost tear your arms out and make your muscles ache. Michael was absolutely amazed by the fishing and was quick to assume the role of cameraman voluntarily. We fished exclusively with our Bluewaterfishing Lures.

Here are the results:


4 Blue Marlins

  • 750 lbs., with the “Big Smoker” lure
  • 700 lbs., with the “Big Smoker” lure
  • 450 lbs., with the “Little Grander” lure
  • 300 lbs., with the “Big Smoker” lure

5 White Marlins

weighing between 50 and 80 lbs., one on a “Striker”, two on “Big Smoker” and two on “Magic Shot” lures.

3 Bigeye Tuna

  • 280 lbs., with a “Magic Shot” lure
  • 250 lbs., with a “Superjet” lure
  • 220 lbs., with a “Magic Shot” lure


1 Yellowfin Tuna

  • 150 lbs., with a “Magic Shot” lure


2 Albacore Tuna

  • 50 lbs., on a “Magic Shot” lure
  • 50 lbs., on a “Magic Shot” lure


1 Dorado

  • 20 lbs., on a “Magic Shot” lure

Over the entire period we raised eight marlins with our lures, had six strikes and caught four of them.  

Stephan Kreupl, September 2013